Albert Puckett

A nutty man who doesn't quite believe the rest of the world is real. Weird, then, that he's an expert in the cultures of so many worlds...



  • Educated nutjob
  • Stargazer
  • Manipulative mesmerist
  • Nexus of a government conspiracy
  • Hapless wanderer
  • Human shield
  • Ready excuse
  • Senses the quarter of the wind
  • Depends on wife’s resources
  • Reputation as an alienist


5. Culture
4. Resolve, Archeology
3. Stamina, Alertness, Charm
2. Profession: Counselor, Arts, Agility, Assets
1. Computer, Engineering, Science, Slug Throwers, Energy Weapons

Cultures: Q-137, Perlon, Saligua, Stick, Vaylencia, Zaman


  • Resilient Health track
  • Substitute Culture for Assets on Wealth track
  • Extra stress box on Composure Track


Health OOO OO
Composure OOO OOO
Wealth OOO OOO



Gear and stuff



Growing up in the Vaylencia system, Albert was told that their society was all alone in the universe. Sentient life had not evolved anywhere else. But despite all this earnest training… Albert believes. He believes in aliens. He also believes in faeries. And maybe angels. But there is absolutely no way we could possibly be all alone!

Finishing school at the University of Parmienter, Albert had adequate training in archeology and ancient history to be a decent field worker. But what he really wanted to do was apply those skills as part of the Astronautics Corps, exploring new worlds and finding the signs of alien civilization that must be out there. To that end, he had also completed courses to qualify him as a ship’s counselor. Somehow he managed to get a posting on the VMS Yves Desiel. Oddly, patients he treated started “recovering” memories of alien abduction! Soon, the government was quietly pursuing leads on what these aliens were up to…

The Desiel was in a close orbit to the Vaylencian star (pursuing a lead that the aliens were living in the sun’s corona!) when a small exploratory vessel popped through the slipknot. While the smaller ship’s sensors were still dazzled, the crew of the Desiel snagged it with their grappling cannons and took it aboard. Lo and behold! Inside, they found an alien! Said alien shared no common language with them, and several weeks’ interrogation ensued as Albert attempted to extract information from the “visitor” (who was, by the way, masquerading as a human… damn sneaky shapeshifters!) while she desperately tried to construct a common vocabulary. In the end, she pulled a laser-pen weapon on him and took him hostage. As she dragged him back to her ship, he suddenly realized… This was all some bad dream, wasn’t it? And when they emerged from the slipknot, he realized that he’d been right. He’s been waiting to wake up ever since.

In one particular incidence, he came to realize the absurdity of his current situation. He had hired on as a “consultant” for some “corporate headhunters”, advising them about the techniques necessary to “hire” certain groups as “cheap labor” and enticing them into “temporary restraints” for their own good on the trip to meet their new “employers”. Unfortunately, his employers were seized by an Imperial patrol and chose to open the compartments containing all the new recruits to hard vacuum. By accident, no doubt. But this left Albert huddled in a bathroom nearby the recruits quarters, the sole survivor of the Imperial raid. Strangely, the Imperials were very understanding of his plight when he explained that he was an employee — “just another wage slave” was the actual phrase he used — of the ship’s now-deceased owners. They gave him a ride and dropped him off in the Stick system not too long afterward.

At the moment, Albert is engaged in a five-year marriage contract with one Christina Traugott. Their liaison is a simple fiction that proved mutually beneficial, as it allowed her to engage in business as a married woman (an important distinction to her faith) and allowed him to spend her money (an important distinction to his). He actually produces some modest income on his own, working as an alienist both for those who are mentally unfit and for those who need to deal with other cultures he has been exposed to. This proves convenient when a new contract comes up just when her nibs gets fed up with him, as he has found the her fondness for him seems to grow directly with their current distance. Most especially so when he has run up a debt redecorating their home or offices…

Albert Puckett

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