Anthony Montleon

Flyboy from Stick


• Flyboy Aspirations
• Absent father, disapproving mother
• Hardened by the outside world
• The perfect cadet
• Implacable anger
• Space marine
• Looking for glory
• I shoot first
• Rogue reputation
• A way with machines

5. Pilot
4. Energy Weapons, Alertness
3. Resolve, Stamina, Tactics
2. Repair, Micro G, Agility, Navigation
1. Culture, Science, Assets, EVA, Brawling
Cultures: Stick, Akh

Health OOO OO
Composure OOO OO
Wealth OOO O

MG Pilot
MG Energy Weapons
Have a thing: fancy blaster doohickey

Blaster (Akh-Sed 42):
Min range 1
Max range 5
Harm 3
Pen 2
Min range 0
Max range 4
Harm 3
Pen 0

Pressure suit
Defense rating 5
(No agility penalty)


Anthony grew up waiting on visits from his father, the greatest flyboy on Stick (at least in Anthony’s mind). His father would usually bring him some treat – a new toy, a piece of candy, the latest action movie – that he got at the company store after each run. His mother was less than excited to see him returning, still smelling like cheap beer, but waited the same as Anthony. As Anthony got older, he began to notice her disapproving grimaces as his father began bringing home toy ships and flight simulators, and was torn between the heroic father and the disapproving mother.

When Anthony was 13, his mother decided she’d had too much and booked passage on a trading ship off-system. Anthony was at first excited to finally get a chance to fly in a ship, but was devastated when his mother revealed that they weren’t coming back. His relationship with his mother never recovered from the deception and upon graduating, he coldly told his mother of his acceptance into officer training on Akh and left. He had a distinguished school career, graduating at the top of his class, earning himself a position wide open for advancement on an Imperial Cerv ship.

Anthony worked his way up in the ranks and eventually gained a command position on his ship, the MSV Mirilane. The ship’s mission was mainly patrol/keeping of the peace, with a sharp eye out for pirates and slavers. On a routine patrol, the Mirilane received orders at their comm pickup near Bergard. It seems one of Host’s majors had been convicted of treason and he requested military retrieval of his stolen ship, or if that was not possible, retrieval/death of the wayward major. The captain had taken ill and left command to Anthony for the time being, so he ordered an immediate departure for Gladia’s plotted destination. They managed to arrive ahead of the major’s ship and waited in ambush. The attack went off perfectly. The major did refuse to surrender and so Anthony ordered the complete destruction of the ship, sending a report back of the death of the traitorous major.

On another standard patrol they happened upon an untagged ship calling herself the MRV Pansy Ball. Suspicious, they stopped and boarded the ship. It was in fact a slaver, and in a panic to hide their crimes, they claimed to be a Zwervian ship just having dealt with an interclan rivalry (to explain away the piles of dead slaves). Seeing through their pathetic ruse, Anthony flew into a rage, slaughtering every last slaver. They turned up one still living slave, Albert Puckett, who decried his treatment at the hands of the slavers, but even this did not excuse Anthony in the tribunal’s eyes, and he was dishonorably discharged.

After his discharge, Anthony attempted to make his way as a mercenary. His reputation proceeded him, hindering and helping by turns. His experience with Cerv ships proves most useful, as he joins up with a company specializing in their use, and again, climbs his way up to command within the fighter fleet.

Anthony Montleon

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