Former pirate, master thief, fish girl



  • Hoarder
  • Thief Responsible
  • Deserter
  • Hunted
  • Pirate Probation
  • No Questions Asked
  • Blatant Spy
  • O’Malley ‘Loyal’
  • Homeward Bound
  • Nest Roe


Rank 5: Survival

Rank 4: Stamina, Charm

Rank 3: Assets, Agility, Stealth

Rank 2: Close Combat, Gunnery, Resolve, Alertness

Rank 1: Micro G, Communications, Brawling, Culture/Tech (Siligua Homeworld), Animal Handler

Stunts: ???

Stress Tracks

Health: OOO OO
Composure: OOO O
Wealth: OOO OO




armor (combat hazard suit — Def 5 / Sta 0 / Agl 0 / Tech 2), knife (Harm 1, Penetration 0, Range 0)

5 Fate points


Growing Up:

Curi grew up on the shores of an unnamed sea planet in the Suligua system, living in the landside tribe of Tsk’ler. Her family consisted of the entire tribe, who took a very communal approach to raising children. Curi was born with rather strong legs, even for her tribe’s standards, and so was given the job growing up of hunting the smaller, faster creatures of the sea. Her speed in the water allowed her to explore a lot more of her tribe’s coastline, and she quickly developed a very, very healthy sense of curiosity. This got her in trouble. A lot. Her people had long been at the top of the food chain – they had methods, and they worked. Her over-curious actions were often rewarded with extra work, ‘time outs,’ and other penalties to her freedom. Curi began to rebel, spending more and more time away from the tribe. She found herself a tidal cave some ways down the coast, and spent most of her time (when not hunting, surviving, etc.,) collecting shells, pretty stones, and other oddities for her cave. She became quite the hoarder, and after awhile, merely collecting wasn’t enough. She began to take items from the tribe, things like idols and gemstones that her people held in high esteem. This, combined with her blunt admission of her theft, only got her into more trouble. So, her next step was how to get away…

Curi’s first great heist, and what she considers the beginning of her thieving career, is stealing a ride off of her planet. She would like you to think that she actually stole the shuttle and took it up to the touring ship, where she hijacked it and took it out of system all on her own. The reality is, she was so stunned by even the shitty, beat up shuttle’s technology that after sneaking in, she stood for a full hour just looking around in awe. Only her quick reaction time allowed her to hide in one of the storage spaces before the shuttle’s passengers came back. From there, she escaped the system on the tour ship, and spent her time stowawaying to new planets, stealing a small thing here or there, and doing her best to vanish afterwards. As she went along, she picked up a crew and an old, rickety ship, and began learning some basic technology. Her crew consisted of a pilot, a thief-in-training who looked up to her, and her lover, the captain, a lady of high class from a system with Victorian-esque qualities. There are a plethora of heists attributed to Curi and her crew, largely due to, again, Curi’s irresistible urge to flaunt her achievements. Her unique appearance made her easier to track, however, and it wasn’t long before a small system’s local government tracked the ship down… where Curi, without any apparent reason, abandoned them, leaving in a single escape pod and vanishing for a few years. Rumor has it now that she’s back, and still thieving, although she seems to be working alone now. Reports of her include terrible ship driving and messages received a few weeks after the heist – “Thanks for the _____! Cheers!”

It took a little while, but eventually, Curi’s girlfriend got out of jail, and quickly rose the ranks of piratedom… until she was known across systems as Grace o’Malley, the pirate queen scourge. And with all that power at her fingertips, it didn’t take her long to find Curi. There was a chase, a inter-system game of ship tag that lasted a few long years, but in the end, Grace o’Malley won out. While Curi was begging for her life from her former lover, Grace o’Malley gave her a job to ‘redeem’ herself – she had some ‘packages’ to deliver to a politician by the name of David Towns, very important packages that needed to be placed just so in his personal quarters and office. “Don’t worry,” she told Curi, “He’ll know what they are.” The catch was that Curi would be delivered to the planet with the packages, where she would have to get into his complex without being detected, place the packages just so, and escape, where she would be retrieved by another pirate ship who would hold her until her success was confirmed. If she succeeded, she would be given a tentative pardon/probationary period by Pirate Queen Grace o’Malley. If she failed, it would be death. Eager to get back into Grace’s good… uh, graces, (and also not to die,) Curi took the job immediately. It was a tough job, and Excelsior’s security on its officials was exceptional, especially against her technologically unsound abilities, but after careful planning and some luck, she managed to get the packages in place and got out undetected. Unable to leave without some sign of her involvement, though, she wrote a quick note anticipating his thanks for the packages and hid it behind his prestigious diploma, unsigned, where he would find it when he left office, which she guessed would not be for awhile based on other documents she saw in his office. She then retreated to the designated escape point where o’Malley’s ship was waiting. She is now on probation, working at the lowest rank on the ship and occasionally performing exceptional thieving feats.

Curi was overjoyed to be brought aboard the VMS Krpamne, a reputably beautiful ship and certainly one of the best ones she had ever seen. Also, it was a great break from all the more menial tasks she was still made to perform on the Eguru. While at the dinner party, Grace largely let her do as she wished (perhaps the end of probation in sight?) and Curi spent a good chunk of time talking to Cnaeus, a rather self-important former military man who, despite seeming more interested in hearing about the wealth of things that she had ‘acquired’ over the years, was a decently good conversationalist. Fortunately, the second day, he excused them from the talks, which by this point were way over poor Curi’s head. She learned more about him as they and Abonceu Melleyna walked the observation deck. His luxurious life and tales of his brief war history were attractive, and Curi might have grown to be a good friend… had he not blamed Grace o’Malley for the micrometeor that struck his ship. She sat and observed it herself, and she knew he knew the truth. When Grace learned she was blamed for this, Curi gave her the information she had on Cnaeus, to do with as she would.

Curi is now working slightly more autonomously within Grace’s fleet, still pulling thieving jobs for her, but also pulling more personal jobs. Rumor has it (and rumor would be true,) that she has a store-hold of items she’s acquired that Grace hasn’t appropriated. Over time, Grace has allowed her more leniencies over the items she can keep. CuriKhan is relatively content with her lot, running the systems and pulling of heists more subtle than other pirate ships, but she would like to have more freedom. If she could find a way to permanently excuse herself from o’Malley’s service (and she hopes on good terms, as well,) she might take some of her wealth back to her home system. Before she left, she had heard tell of a cloning program meant to recreate lost species. With the proper ‘funding,’ she may start a menagerie of her own…


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