A female Yotun, wearer of powered armor, and wielder of the mighty Brandr!




Expected savior.

Child of two clans.

Legendary weapon.

Skill pyramid

Rank 5: Stamina

Rank 4: Weapon Familiarity (Brandr/two-handed weapons), Tactics

Rank 3: Oratory (+2 in battle scenarios), Intimidation (+1), Resolve

Rank 2: Vehicles, Agility, Brawling, Bureaucracy

Rank 1: Assets, Medical, Slug Throwers, E.V.A., Brokerage

Stunt x2: Brandr (MG)—this mighty warhammer is so named because of its energy-infused technology. It was forged by Durin Thunderhammer, the best smith on Yotunheim, as he turned his immense grief from your parents’ death into a purpose. The result was this magnificent weapon as a parting gift to you. The weapon can only be lifted by someone with Stamina 4 due to its enormous weight and the physical prowess it requires. After a fight in which you could not defeat a very fast opponent, it became the first warhammer to balance speed and strength. As it smashes enemies, the weapon crackles with energy, blasting them away and/or crushing them under sheer force. Your proficiency with the weapon, which was crafted by your life mentor just for you, extends to such a degree that with stamina at 5 and health 3 or greater, you may pound the ground, causing a very minor earthquake (harm—0, range—0-2, penetration—0, causes knockdown). This affect can be amplified on occasion (fate point) by energy (harm—2, range—2, penetration— 1/+2). The craftsmanship of the weapon also allows you to perform 180-degree arc attacks (harm—2, range-0-1, penetration—0/2) and a 270/360-degree partial/full roundhouse (harm—1, range—1, penetration—0/+2). At any time, with available supply of nano-grade battery and power armor, you may activate the weapon to pulse with energy, granting [a] +2 to penetration in HighG or [b] ability to do close combat regardless of gravity (without +2 penetration).

Brandr: harm—3, range—0-1, penetration—0/+2, two-handed, amplified by stamina, area-of-affect, energy variable

Stunt: Yotun Savior—being a Yotun with a purpose who is a brutish looking hulk usually in power armor and wielding a massive hammer is very inspiring for those on your side and thus grants you +2 ranks to oratory in battle situations. Likewise, you are good at making people terrified of you, giving +1 in intimidation.

Stunt: Yotun—while being a Yotun makes you physically superior in size, the downside is that you have -2 to charm. On top of that, you have -1 to agility and -4 to stealth. Another negative trait of Yotuns is that ships are not your strong suit and you have -2 to aircraft, communications, computer and pilot.


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