Julian Gladia

Julian is a killer


• Raised in the House of a Monster
• Killer from a young age
• Courtly Duelist
• Inured to suffering
• Betrayed by the man he bled for
• Bitterly sexist
• Tactical retreat
• Lead from the fore
• Staying off the radar
• Soldier of fortune

5. Close Combat
4. Agility, Oratory
3. Resolve, Stamina, Tactics
2. Alertness, Micro G, Gunnery, Charm
1. Bureaucracy, Culture, Slugthrowers, Assets, EVA
Cultures: Bergand, Stick

• Military Grade Close Combat (+1 Armor Pen, +2 to Close Combat for Defense)
• Lucky (Consequence track 2/3/4)
Arondight, a Bergandian Power Blade (increased Tech Level)

Health OOO OO
Composure OOO OO
Wealth OOO O

Gear and stuff
Arondight Bergandian Power Blade (Free Modal)
Field on: Range 1, Harm 2, Pen 3
Field off: Range 0-1, Harm 2, Pen 1

Hast’s Finest Officer’s Armor
Flexible, Lightweight, Pressure Suit, Armor 4


Julian Gladia’s parents were killed when Hast’s Finest put down a worker’s riot. Julian was rescued from the edge of the carnage by a Mule who brought him home to raise Julian along with the Mule children. He lived there happily, but when he was ten the Mule community was raided on suspicion of harboring rebels. Julian was spared execution when the Lieutenant in charge recognized that he was not a Mule. He was separated from the other children before the soldiers opened fire. He was taken to Bergard and entered into the training program for Hast’s Finest. After killing an instructor with a blunted training sword, Julian gained the personal attention of Hast himself, who undertook weekly training sessions with Julian until his majority.

Julian’s service in Hast’s Finest was marked by several commendations for ruthlessness in the suppression of sedition and revolt. One superior commended him for his “Perfect disregard of human and abhuman life in the commission of his duties.” He became known as a duelist, enhancing his reputation by challenging Hast’s detractors to single combat and humiliating them before finishing them. He made several rivals in the court and was romantically engaged with several of Hast’s daughters as he climbed the ladder of social standing. Hast chose Julian to accompany him on many of his hunting trips, and personally saved the Governor from a rebel counterassault, earning the rank of Major for his actions. Hast chose Julian to accompany him on many of his hunting trips, and personally saved the Governor from a rebel counterassault, earning the rank of Major for his actions.

Julian’s rivals worked against him constantly, not least of which was Hast’s wife who loathed Julian for distracting the Governor from his natural sons. As Julian returned from a mission to Jotunheim, Hast’s wife presented the Governor with a body of manufactured evidence, linking Julian to a conspiracy. In a rage, Hast gave orders to an Imperial warship in system and ordered Julian’s vessel destroyed. First Mate Montleon complied with the order. Barely making it to an escape capsule as the ship disintegrated around him, Julian launched himself towards the 6th planet. From there he booked passage out of the system.

The mission Julian was returning from had been a clssified sortie against a Jotun clan, assigned by Hast himself. Given a company of conscripts and a slip ship to carry them, Julian mounted a surprise attack, killing the head of the clan and his reeking wife as they awoke. Resplendent in his white armor and wielding a crackling sword gifted to him by the Governor, Julian held his own against a crazed Jotun wielding a terrifying hammer as the village burned around them. Unable to deal a death blow quickly against such a skilled opponent, Julian retreated as his conscripts crumbled under a counterattack. Retreating to the slip point, he headed homewards with little idea what lay in store for him.

Julian now makes his living as a mercenary or a hitman. Mostly he ends up running protection detail on freighters, preventing pirates from boarding the vessel if they attack. He has operated in the Stick system extensively, working for the Company rooting out pirates on some of the moons. He has also served as a solider in the army of some political faction or another (he does not care much for such allegiances) during one of the planned conflicts on Xunforshunaut. Mostly he just keeps his head down and tries to keep off the radar, lest word of his continued existence make it back to Severand Hast.

Julian Gladia

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