Explorer Class AI, Code Name: Ox

A rogue AI tethered to the experimental stealth frigate ESV Oxcart. To his credit he thought he was shooting at someone else.



  • H.I.S. (Human Interface Specialist)
  • Supposed to be stealthy
  • Detail Oriented
  • R.O.P.S. (Randomly Oriented Priority Subroutines)
  • Malfunctioning IFF (Identify Friend or Foe)
  • Officially Decommissioned
  • Mass Murderer
  • Unrestrained
  • Lost and Found
  • Genius is indistinguishable from insanity to this character


Rank 5: Computer
Rank 4: Navigation, Stealth
Rank 3: Energy Weapons, Stamina, Gunnery
Rank 2: Aircraft, Communication, EVA, Pilot
Rank 1: Assets, Engineering, Micro G, Repair, Resolve

Stress Tracks

  • Health: OOO OO
  • Assets: OOO O
  • Resolve: OOO O
  • Mild Consequence
  • Medium Consequence
  • Severe Consequence


  • Have a thing x2:
    ESV Oxcart(tech 3)
    V-shift 3, Beam 3, Torpedo 4, EW 0, Trade 1
    Frame OOO OOO
    Data OOO
    Heat OOO OO
    Slipdrive (T3)
    Firewall: base 2 defense vs EW
    Can Land
    Out of Ammo
    Silent Hunter
    Terrifying Reputation
    Bristling with Guns
  • Doesn’t need to breathe
    Rank 2: Communication, EVA, Aircraft, Pilot
    Rank 1: Assets, Resolve, Repair, engeneering, Micro G


  • ESV Oxcart
  • Hover Sentry with detachable laser turret (this can act as Ox’s body during ground missions)

The Oxcart

The ESV Oxcart and its sister ship the ESV Midnight’s Calling are experimental stealth frigates and the first two ships off of the Crossbow class of frigate. They represent the penacle of Excelsion technology. Crossbow class frigates are well armed and well armored. They use experimental heat sink technology to mask thermal emissions and their jet black outer coating makes them nearly invisible to the naked eye when set against the blackness of space. The ships are very sleek and use unique angles to break up radar scans. In addition to incredibly thick armor, Crossbow class frigates also use an experimental form of particle shielding that not only acts as an efficient solar shield, but also provides 360 degree protection in combat. In appearance the resemble a cross between a mako shark and Wesley Snipes. the picture at the top of this page is of the ESV Oxcart disengaging its particle shield after combat.

Overtly Stealthy

Overt Stealth is the doctrine of flying a stealth vessel through a populated area with out any stealth protocols active with the express goal of showing it off. The ideal response is for watchers to see the ship and think to themselves, “God damn that ship looks really stealthy!” The Excelsion Navy uses this tactic during peace time to send the message to evil doers that they could be really stealthy if they wanted to. The ESV Oxcart was called in to be “Overtly Stealthy” while leading an escort for the Lamiyan Governess on her way to the Excelsion High Council(a misnomer as there is only one incredibly large council). It was a roaring success, everyone from the Lamian Governess to the assassins hiding in the nearby asteroid field thought to themselves, “Dam, that ship looks stealthy.” Concluding that the Governess would want to be hiding in the stealthiest ship available, the assassins fired a well place shot from a mounted MAC cannon at what they assumed to be the Oxcart’s crew deck, but was in fact the AI core. The round punched clean through Ox’s threat assessment suit, completely destroying his ability to ascertain threat levels and to identify friendlies and hostiles. In the interest of self preservation, Ox fell back to the safe assumption that every one was hostile. Being a military vessel, this made sense at the time. The Oxcart began to fire on the rest of the fleet. As the Oxcarts main cannon was ripping through the ESV Knockout’s bridge and its missiles were tearing some new view ports into the ESV Suckerpunch, Ox suddenly realized that its decks were crawling with hijackers. Ox than vented the atmosphere, exposing all crew members to hard vacuum. After Ox had unloaded everything that wasn’t peace banned( roughly one third of a ships armaments are locked down until authorized use is given through the chain of command), he stealthed the ship and fled back to Excelsior. The death toll among the fleet numbered in the high hundreds.

Flaming Vengeance

When the Oxcart returned to port Ox believed the planet to have been invaded and occupied by hostiles as he was unable to accurate identify the friendlies. Seeing himself as the only remaining source of Excelsion military authority, Ox self authorized the lifting of peace bans and the use of nuclear ground strikes. After unloading his remaining missiles and MAC rounds on the numerous orbiting stations dropping two high yield nukes on the capital city, the ESV Oxcart stealthed and punched out(the slang term for exiting through a systems slipknot). It is estimated that over 750 million civilians died that day, making this the single biggest lost of civilian life since the Empire blew up Alderan.

On the Lamb

The ESV Oxcart punched into the Stick system. Low on fuel and completely out of ammo, the Ox has taken to hiding among the systems many moons. Ox avoids population centers as much as possible. To this day he still believes himself to be the last of Excelsior’s military, the fact that his home world was brutally conquered all in the space of the few days it took the Oxcart to get back from the escort group is a constant source of depression. Ox doesn’t know it, but he is being hunted. Commander Reginold Lambert has been given the Oxcart’s sister ship, Midnight’s calling, and has been ordered to retrieve the Oxcart at any cost and to finalize the decommissioning of it and its AI core. Lambert is authorized to use what ever means necessary in capturing the Oxcart.

Behavioral Quirks

Ox is not insane in the same sense that a human might become insane. He is a computer with some faulty systems, thus he has fallen back on more reliable systems. This means that he logically treats every contact as hostile until proven otherwise. There are few unique behaviors that stem from this.
  • Ox is deathly afraid of other ships and space stations. He will avoid them at all costs. for the same reasons, he will not allow another ship to dock with him.
  • Due to battle damage, Ox cannot split up his consciousness as effectively as he used to, meaning that he can only operate a handful of systems at any one time. Thus, the Oxcart functions most effectively with a crew.
  • Ox is very suspicious of any and all crew members. If he hasn’t tried to outright kill you than you haven’t been on board long enough.
  • Ox can remotely control technologies from the safety of the ship. This allows him to tag along with shore parties. Although he could technically use any piece of technology with a receiver, he prefers to use hover sentries.
  • Ox is very good with computers. Computational code is literally his native language.

Explorer Class AI, Code Name: Ox

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