T+2, E0, R+3

Much like the original (and long-since exhausted) Earth system, this system has a single garden world with a rich asteroid belt and multiple gas giants. The people are mining the asteroid belts for metals and gas giants for rare near-organic gases.

The government of the system is currently based in a Lagrange-point station. The form is a representational oligarchy using the consensus model for decision-making. Consequently, they generally react glacially slowly to change.


• Governmental gridlock
• Peace at all costs

Newly Emerging Facts

  • The Imperials have set up a manufacturing station in this system, but it is not accessible to the locals. The station is designated ExSy/AsBe/Station Ahk.
  • The arms for all Imperial Troops and many contraband civilian originate here. The best-known such armament is the AwkSed/42 slug thrower, and incredibly versatile switchable-automatic weapon.
  • Those ships not imported into the sector are built here. Notably, the experimental OxCart design and the more advanced Midnight Class design originated in the ExSy/AsBe shipyard known as Ahkenaten.


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