T0, E+1, R+1

This system was first explored by Hugh Farnham, a rugged individualist looking for a world to settle with his extended family. After the initial settlement, multiple refugee groups have been allowed to settle the garden world and set up mining / terraforming operations on the other two worlds.

The garden world, known as Heinlein, is an odd world with no oceans but 80% of the planet is covered by shallow lakes. The government, such as it is, centers on an inherited monarchy descended from Farnham. The local governments are feudal, with inherited lines derived from leaders of refugee groups.

The two hostile worlds are former rogues captured by the sun and orbiting at high velocities on trajectories not on the standard ecliptic plane. Both are rich in rare earth metals that are instrumental in non-reactant projectile systems. Thus the system is poised on the possibility of interstellar trade, but the limited population makes it impossible to exploit those resources fully.


• Rugged individualists
• Isolated and untouched


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