Imperial Troops

It seems likely that you’ll be encountering Imperial Forces at some point if your character has not already. To that end, it seems like it would be a good idea to know about their ranks.

The Imperial Navy

Principally concerned with putting down rebellions and defending the Empire against the encroachment of military powers from out side the Empire. The following list suggests the ranks from most junior to most senior. When it is necessary for a junior officer to be placed in command of a more senior officer, they may be granted brevet rank for the interim. The term may or may not appear in their officially stated rank, depending on the situation.

0. Crewman (Class 3, 2, 1)
1. Crew Chief (Junior Grade, Senior Grade, Master Grade)
2. Midshipman
3. Ensign
4. Lieutenant (Junior Grade, Senior Grade)
5. Lieutenant-Commander
6. Commander (Junior Grade, Senior Grade)
7. Captain
8. Commodore
9. Rear Admiral (Lower Half, Upper Half)
10. Admiral
11. Fleet Admiral

Interceding in this ranking is the local military / civilian governor appointed by the crown. Said governor normally outranks a Fleet Admiral, save in times of declared war, when they are equal in rank to an Admiral. Consequently, these governors have a personal interest in peace.

The Imperial Patrol

Principally concerned with internal policing matters of the Empire, the Patrol generally works with and supports local law enforcement where possible. In the case of conflict, Imperial always trumps local. The following are their rankings in case this should ever come up.

0. Patrolman
1. Patrol Sergeant
2. Chief of Patrol
3. Lieutenant
4. Captain
5. Major
6. Colonel
7. Brigadier
8. General
9. Marshall

Although the chain of command is perfectly orderly, it may be somewhat confusing that in different locations the same rank may be of different levels of importance. Major Alyssa Barth is a planetary regional commander in the Patrol, but her reach extends throughout the X system, and to some degree throughout the Helda Sector. On the other hand her commander, Colonel Klaus Probst, in charge of the planet Y, rarely stirs from behind his desk and is only seen by the few who have navigated the command hierarchy to reach him.

Imperial Troops

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