T+1, E+3, R0

This system has two gas giants orbiting at significant distance from a stable sun. Each has two garden worlds orbiting the planet.

The first gas giant, Watt, has two garden moons with reasonably high technology levels. The moon Canaan was settled in the distant past, went through a collapse into barbarism and recovery before beginning new exploration of the system. They settled the second moon, Feinel, which must have been terraformed by the previous settlers of the system. Currently, the two worlds are in a loose alliance with parallel representational governments.

The second gas giant, Arjuvial, has two garden moons with early metal-working technologies. The peoples have tribal governments and are essentially unaware of the populations of other worlds. It is assumed they are the descendants of the first settlement wave which fell into barbarism. There is no archaeological evidence to support or deny this theory, however. The spacefaring worlds have recently begun trading with and exploiting these worlds by use of a trade in addictive narcotics.


• Colonialism at its finest


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