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Just Past the Edge of the Empire

The annals of our shared world need some organization. Here we see links to those parts that have been fleshed out. Feel free to add to them as we go.

The name of the campaign is somewhat arbitrary, but chosen to reflect what seems to be going on. We have a lot of systems to play with, but there aren’t any T+3 systems, so it seems like maybe we’re somewhere out where the Imperials just don’t bother with as much.

Maybe… and this is just a notion… maybe we’re on the end of a multi-step “spur”. That is to say, maybe one has to travel through several E-4, T-4 systems to get to our little frontier.

In any case, here is a listing of the pages for systems. Later, we should add a directory of PCs and NPCs, too.

Alhelder, Bergard, Excelsior, Freehold, Helheim, Lamiya, Perlon, Q-137, Saligua, Stick, Telios, Vaylencia, Westernos, Xunforshunaut, Zaman

It occurs to me that we will need to establish some conventions that may or may not agree with our own society. Below are links to some wikis that I’ve been musing on and that I would really like some input about…

Imperial Troops, Religions and Philosophies

Main Page

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