T-3, E+2, R+1

This system is officially designated officially designated as Q-137, but the locals would never know that. Some thing terrible happened when the MSV May Flower finally reached its colonization zone. The ships was hit by an unexpected meteor storm and lost most of it nav capabilities. Roughly two thirds of the ship population were able to escape via various survey shuttles and life pods. These people landed on the harsh ice planet designated Q-137F. Those that remained on the May Flower were very fortunate to be sucked blindly into the gravity well of Q-137’s only garden world. Designated Q-137F, this world was home to the survivors of the crash.

Thousands of years later these two groups of survivors have devolved into two very different societies. Unlike the small vessels and life pods that were quickly consumed by ice on Q-137F(F), the hulking wreck of the May Flower still towers above the people of Q-137D(D). Being the only link to their origin, the people of D have taken to worshipping the wreck as the god MeyFlors. Budding from this monotheistic faith coupled with a nearly complete lack of scientific or mechanical knowledge, the people of D have reverted into a feudal society very similar to that of Medieval Europe.

The people of F, on the other hand have no obvious marker to worship, their society revolves around a reverence of the natural world. The cold climate of F forces them to constantly be aware of the natural world. To these people every harsh winter is a warning from the gods and every brief summer is a window into the grace of the heavens. These people closely resemble the Eskimo tribes of north America.


• Two worlds, bound by faith


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