T+1, E0, R-2

Lying on the western reaches of the known galaxy systems, Westernos is dominated by a single garden planet and many barren planets.

The garden world, Balkan, is embroiled in conflict as various governments on the planet fight over resources. Because Balkaniers have yet to discover slipstream technology, outside forces have taken advantage of the conflict in order to make a profit. Hence, it is for this reason that the system is chiefly a smuggler, pirate and criminal stronghold. Pirates bring their loot to trade into the system and play factions against each other by trading with them on Balkan. A criminal could make a very rich living solely by stealing resources from other systems and bringing them back and then selling them at ridiculous prices. Not only do these pirates take advantage of the system in this way, but barren worlds are conquered and occupied by various corporate-like oligarchies until they are, in turn, conquered once more by another pirate gang. Other than Balkan, planets change names as different occupiers make their temporary home there.

An exception among the system’s otherwise unimportant barren worlds is Westport. It is ruled by the notorious pirate Grace Malley, nicknamed “her grace o’malice” by commoners in the galaxy. She is considered to be the queen in space as captain of her ship, Finnegan’s Wake. More than anything, the planet Westport is like a business itself. It is the location, or office of management, for her gang of pirates, Graceful Malice. When its leader’s name is uttered, a powerful sense of the near supernatural is evoked.


• Pirate stronghold
• Grace Malice operates here


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